Lukas Community Mission Statement

The Lukas Community is a not for profit organization whose purpose and striving is to develop and foster social-therapeutic values in a community setting: promoting human service through cooperative living, social interaction and spiritual activity based on Anthroposophy as developed by Rudolf Steiner. Lukas coworkers recognize the living together with individuals having disabilities mentally, physically or socially or otherwise in need of special care as the center of its community striving. The rights of each human being are upheld in the context of such interaction where the dignity of each person as a human being whose growth in body, soul and spirit may be enhanced by sharing freely in economic, social and cultural activities without distinction as to race, creed, color, sex, national origin or disability is affirmed. Lukas intends to develop such diverse crafts, trades and other activities as lend themselves especially to enhance the creative possibilities of those in need of special care and the well-being of the community. Special emphasis is placed on the value that work on the land offers and farming, gardening and forestry form indispensable elements of community life. Any revenue from work and production is intended to aid the economic independence of Lukas as each individual recognizes him or herself as a co-participant in an organized system of volunteers, without compensation in the usual sense.