Harvest Festival!

More than 26 years of service

Our annual Harvest Gathering was held on October 21, 2017, where families and friends come to the Lukas Community to share a meal, see families, old friends, and the Lukas Staff, catch a little of the brilliant foliage on a beautiful day, hear joyful music and performance, find beautiful products from the workshops.


David and Heidi Spears have led the Lukas Community for over 26 years,

Time for a little Christmas shopping

and we celebrated their work and presence with gifts, some serious, some not;

and music, some serious, some not. We had a splendid harvest meal of the fruits of our gardens, prepared by the coworkers, volunteers , and a wonderful local bakery.

Residents and families
kept us smiling
was made by everyone

Songs not so serious
Awards for work well done

Gifts of thanks
and more stories

The soup station

Welcome to Our New Executive Director!

Kristen StantonĀ  joined us as Executive Director on July 1, 2017, replacing David Spears, who has retiredĀ  after 25 years at the helm. Kristen brings over 14 years of experience with Easter Seals in Massachusetts, where she was Director of Business and Strategic Development for 12 years, followed by 2 years as Vice President of Marketing and Communications. She has spent the last several months working within the region to increase philanthropic outcomes and recognition and awareness of the life and work of the Lukas Community. Lukas Community provides lifelong residences and workshops for adults with developmental disabilities and caregivers, children, volunteers, and staff members on 65 acres in Temple, NH, and draws its philosophy from the teachings of Rudolf Steiner. Kristen lives with her family in New Boston.