“The healthy social life is found When in the mirror of each human being The whole community finds its reflection And when in the community The virtue of each one is living.” Rudolf Steiner


Lukas is a year-round community of individuals ranging in age from the very young to the not so young. It provides a caring, therapeutic environment for adults with developmental challenges, in which each person is recognized as a unique human being with dignity, freedom and purpose. The Lukas Community derives its name from the gospel writer, St. Luke, who was both a physician and an artist.


The Lukas Community was founded in 1981 by a group of individuals who saw the desperate need for a place where adults with developmental challenges could live full and productive lives. They envisioned a place where these adults could develop their abilities while being supported in their disabilities, a place where each person was recognized as a unique human being with freedom, dignity and purpose. The founders and those who followed believed that in every human being, no matter how challenged, there lies a longing for self development, a longing to realize one’s fullest potential in all aspects of life. Thus, they sought to create an environment in which this process of becoming and unfolding would be respected, supported and encouraged. The ideal from the beginning has been to have both “abled” and “disabled” persons living together as an extended family, sharing their lives and work within a therapeutic context of care.

Group Photo 2014

Lukas has grown over the years from a single extended-family household with a handful of residents when it opened its doors in 1981 to become a vibrant community of four households and much more. In the spirit of building a community that fosters personal growth and development of its members, Lukas continues to grow and change, adapting itself to meet the ever changing needs of its residents. We constructed two handicapped-accessible residences that provide essential ground floor bedroom spaces for our aging residents as well as additional spaces for younger residents who will join us in the future.

Beyond the four extended-family households, there are a weaving studio, a woodworking shop, a bio-dynamic garden and greenhouse, a stall barn where animals are raised and cared for, and a community center where craft workshops and classes are held, in therapeutic dance, music, art, ongoing education and festive seasonal celebrations. Residents also participate in the region’s rich variety of artistic and cultural offerings, volunteer at community events, and enjoy outdoor activities in our beautiful natural surroundings.

The therapeutic focus of the Lukas Community is inspired by the teachings of the Austrian philosopher and humanitarian, Rudolf Steiner.

BOARD OF TRUSTEES:  Lloyd “Butch” Walker – President  .  Kristen Stanton – Vice President and Executive Director  .  John Kieley – Treasurer .Arleen Zuckerman Secretary to the Board   .   James Potter  .   Becket McNab   .   Herbert Zuckerman   .   Lincoln Geiger .