Life at Lukas

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Community Spirit

The true spirit of community is felt most strongly at Lukas when we all join together for special occasions.

For instance, at our Harvest Festival, parents and siblings of Lukas residents add their special touch to this yearly event.


Fiddle music and dancing, or a wonderful concert; a harvest meal prepared from the bounty of our garden; and the presence of family and friends make for a truly satisfying day.



At such times, we become aware of the vital importance of the relationships forming between us which bear the greatest promise for strong community spirit.

Residential Life

…”The things we are able to do for ourselves, for our housemates, for Lukas and the larger community as a whole; these add up to a feeling of belonging and ownership so important to the unfolding of our special lives.”

The Lukas Community is comprised of people of all ages, who possess a wide range of abilities and disabilities. In such a community, the strength of one person balances the weakness of another. The warmth and generosity of one penetrates the isolation of the other.

The Lukas Community strives to create a warm family life for residents and co-workers alike.All join together to prepare meals, share household chores and the daily joy derived from close relationships with one another.

At Lukas, there is a continuum of mutual care that builds confidence and calm. Residents know that they have a home at Lukas and each contributes to its well being. They might express their thoughts this way…


Lukas residents fully enjoy the beautiful natural resources and vibrant community in the surrounding Monadnock region.

Outdoor activities include hiking, swimming, horseback riding and canoeing in the numerous parks and woodlands.

Our own town of Temple and other nearby towns and cities provide Lukas community members with many opportunities to attend fairs, festivals, musical performances and cultural events.