Meaningful Work

Meaningful Work

At “Handworks”, the art and craft studios of the Lukas Community, each special artisan brings unique gifts to the process of creating fine handcrafts. Weaving, woodcraft, bookbinding and candle making are some of the crafts our residents learn with the help of our workshop leaders. These studios are an integral part of life at Lukas.

We at Lukas strive to create items of enduring design and high quality to grace the home, adorn the body and lift the spirit. These products enrich the lives of those who use them as well as those artists who create them.

Our handcrafted products are sold at local craft fairs and events, including the Pine Hill Holiday Fair in Wilton, NH, and NH Open Doors.

Daily contact with nature and the arts, meaningful and productive work in our homes, gardens, and craft studios and the many cultural and recreational activities we provide create a rich and full life for the adults who reside here. Work on the land provides valuable contact with the ever changing and restorative rhythms of nature.

the Arts and More

At the Lukas Community, we believe that in every human being, no matter how challenged, there lies a longing for self development. Artistic expression, intellectual stimulation and recreation are all important in this process of becoming.

Lukas creates an environment in which this process of unfolding is respected, supported and encouraged. Each week our residents participate in therapeutically designed classes in music, singing, eurythmy (expressive movement developed by Rudolf Steiner), water color painting, weaving, woodworking and more.

Cultural events at Lukas and in the local Monadnock area heighten these rich experiences. Our Education Group strives to stimulate interest and expand personal horizons through the study of various topics while practicing the basic skills of reading and writing.